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What Are the Best Places for Seniors to Order Checks Online?

Checks are important parts of your financial life – but they can also be a big expense. Your blank checks can get used up quickly, leaving you in need of a brand-new order that costs money.

And ordering checks isn’t cheap. If you’re wondering how you can save money on your next order of new checks, you need to check out online check ordering websites.

Ordering checks online is the new normal. While it used to be common – and easy – to open up your Sunday newspaper and find a coupon for discounted checks, today there are even more options online. And picking the right place to order your checks from can save you significantly.

Is Ordering Checks Online Safe?

Plenty of seniors are used to heading to the bank or calling a third party when it’s time to order checks. While your bank might seem like the safest place to order your checks from, you actually have nothing to worry about when you’re ordering online.

There’s nothing unsafe about ordering your checks online. In fact, if you think your bank is the only place that’s truly safe to order checks from, you’ll be surprised to learn that banks don’t actually print checks. They send your order to a third-party printing company – which is why your checks are so expensive!

Ordering online allows you to cut out the middleman and save money. And to ensure your bank account number will stay secure, you just need to order your checks from a reputable company. How can you tell which companies are reputable? Your checks should feature a little padlock icon.

That padlock means the company and your checks are verified by the Check Payment Systems Association (CPSA). As long as a website offers CPSA checks, you’re perfectly safe.

What You Need to Order New Checks

Now that you know it’s perfectly safe to order your new checks online, it’s time to collect everything you’ll need to order your checks.

Like ordering from your bank, ordering checks online is easy. You’ll just need to make sure you have a check on hand when ordering. Each website will ask you for:

And if you get stuck or lost along the way, you can always call your bank. Your bank can give you any missing information you need while filling out your order for checks online.

The Best Check Ordering Sites

Ordering checks online offers plenty of benefits: you’ll save money, you’ll be able to order new checks in minutes, and you can get your checks quickly. But in order to make sure your checks are verified, valid, and affordable, you’ll only want to order from the best websites out there.

Here are the very best check ordering sites you’ll find online.

Checks In the Mail

Checks In the Mail offers a huge selection of different checks styles – and with competitive prices and and easy, seamless ordering process, you won’t have any problems with Checks In the Mail.

Additionally, you can get extra savings at this website. Checks In the Mail frequently offers coupon codes on their homepage, so make sure to look out for any discounts. You can order anything from basic, plain checks to branded checks featuring Disney, Peanuts, or Marvel characters. For basic checks, expect to pay about $4.99 for 25 checks.

Bradford Exchange

Bradford Exchange is a very popular online check company, and it’s a trusted brand. With a selection of checks that totals more than 800 exclusive designs, there’s a check style for everyone.

Another benefit of ordering checks from Bradford Exchange is its discounted pricing. Bradford Exchange advertises that its prices are up to 70 percent off bank prices. You can expect to pay about $19.99 for 120 basic checks.


Vistaprint is one of the most affordable places you’ll find checks online. Unlike other websites, Vistaprint will print checks for bargain prices, helping you save as much as possible.

While the ordering process can be a little tricky and you’ll need to make sure your check information is entered correctly to get bank approval, Vistaprint offers checks at a serious steal. You’ll pay about $2.99 for 25 checks – and Vistaprint offers plenty of coupon codes to save even more.

Checks Unlimited

If it’s security and trustworthy business practices you want, you’ll find nothing better than Checks Unlimited. According to The Balance, Checks Unlimited holds a coveted A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and offers an easy ordering process that’s backed by a company guarantee.

There are plenty of checks to choose from at Checks Unlimited, from MLB to Harley-Davidson to Disney to Warner Brothers. And you can expect to pay about $22.99 for one box of checks.

Order Your Checks Online Today

These are just a few of the many places online you can order checks. Make the process easier, and your checks cheaper, the next time you’re running low by placing an order for new checks online. You can rest easily knowing you’re saving money and getting the very same secure, quality checks.

And if you’re looking for big savings, don’t forget to shop around online. Visit these top online check companies and search for others, and you’ll be able to compare prices, coupons, and offers. You might be able to save even more on your next order of checks if you’re able to find an even better discount or deal.

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