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What are the Best Programs for Learning to Code?

As we become increasingly reliant on computer technology, the need for coding becomes even more important. Having familiarity with code is incredibly useful for everyday work and life situations since so many tools rely on it. Even if you don’t become a programmer, knowing how to code can open up career-wise. For example, you can use it to make your company a website or to develop tools to streamline your workflow.

If you’re interested in coding, there are hundreds of resources online to get you started or further develop your skillset. We’ve narrowed the list down to help you get started.

Ways to Learn About Coding

Learning to code is a huge category, which ranges from free sites where you set your pace or paid programs with a set schedule. When choosing how to learn, keep in mind what type of code you want to learn. What you’ll need for web development is different from app-building or animation.

Many sites offer free coding courses that you can start immediately. Essentially, they teach through a series of videos and assessments that you take at your own pace. It’s a great way to get the basics if you’re starting or to keep up to date with an ever-changing field.

You can choose paid programs, as well. Some sites are subscription-based, where you pay month-to-month and set your own pace. However, there are more official online courses available, in which you can access classes for a semester at a time.

Lastly, paid boot camps are becoming increasingly popular in recent years. These intensive camps will jumpstart your coding knowledge. They range in price, length, and quality, but regardless you’ll come out as a coder.

The Best Coding Programs

Khan Academy

Price: Free

Khan Academy is one of the original, free online schools. It isn’t solely focused on coding as it offers courses on topics like math, economics, art, and history.

Despite that, its coding courses are varied and comprehensive. For instance, Khan Academy offers more in-depth computer science classes along with straightforward programming courses for web development or animation.

Courses are broken up into sub-sections. As such, they can be taken at whichever pace you’re comfortable with.

Each lesson is guided, sometimes with videos or broken into short exercises. They are straightforward and have a natural, conversational tone.

Getting started at Khan Academy is incredibly easy. Since courses are free, all you need to do is sign up.


Price: Free with paid options

Coursera has a wide range of topics you can take courses on. However, its coding courses offer a lot to both beginners and advanced learners.

Starting out, you can learn basic languages, like Python, HTML, or JavaScript. For advanced students, Coursera offers more specific courses on web development, app building, AI, and machine learning.

Coursera allows users to audit their classes for free. That way, if you’re learning for learning’s sake, you can get started immediately. However, if you want to receive graded assignments or official certifications, you will need to pay. Pricing for courses starts at $39.

There are over 1,000 free courses available and hundreds of certifications available.


Price: $29.99/month subscription

Treehouse is a fantastic site for people who want to learn coding from scratch. Its teaching focus is a little more nuanced since its goal is to help people find careers in tech.

Treehouse offers a lot of coding courses in a simple, straightforward structure. Video courses teach you the basics. These courses include quizzes and challenges to hone your skills. As you progress, you’re given badges to show your progress.

One aspect that sets Treehouse apart is its workspaces. These workspaces are practice areas to practice coding. Even better, these workspaces include access to an expansive and comprehensive library of educational videos and other materials for you to reference and work with at your own pace.

As a subscription platform, Treehouse costs $29.99 per month. Courses can go pretty swiftly if you devote the time to them, but costs can add up quickly if you’re not careful.


Price: $750 to $1,590

Altcademy is an online coding boot camp that offers broad knowledge at an affordable cost. Its courses are self-paced within specific timelines, which let you work around your schedule.

Altcademy offers Coding 101 for free. This free course allows you to pick up the basics before moving onto the more advanced topics.

Altcademy offers three courses. They’re on:

Courses on Back-end and Front-end development each start at $750. Back-end is shorter at 16 weeks long, while Front-end is 20 weeks long. Full-stack Web Development starts at $1,045 and lasts for 40 weeks.

Back-end Web Development covers Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Front-end Web Development covers HTML, JavaScript, CSS, jQuery, and Bootstrap. Full-stack covers topics from both the Back-end and Front-end courses.

Altcademy is designed to prepare its students for the tech workforce. As such, its offers career resources and guidance in portfolio development.


Coding is becoming increasingly essential in our everyday lives, especially as automation creeps further into the workforce. Learning to code or developing a familiarity with computer science will not only open your career opportunities but also help you navigate an increasingly online world.

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