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What Are the Top Rated Medical Alert Systems?

A medical alert system can give you or a loved one peace of mind, offering 24/7 help at the touch of a button for any type of emergency.

Of course, choosing which medical alert system is the right one for you is no easy task because there are so many different options. Luckily, we’ve narrowed down your search and found the best medical alert systems available. Here are the top-rated medical alert systems on the market.

Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert

The Bay Alarm Medical In-Home Medical Alert is one of the most affordable medical alert systems available – for only $19.95 per month you can keep yourself or a loved one safe. In addition to its affordable cost, it’s simple to use. Just wear the Bay Alarm system, which connects to both landline or a cellular connection, and you’ll have safety with you at every step.

Calling for help on this device takes just one push of a button. Once the button is activated, you’ll be connected to a trained 24/7 live operator who will offer over-the-phone care. If an emergency is detected, the operated will contact friends, family, or neighbors as well as local emergency services.

GreatCall Lively Mobile

Another affordable and simple-to-use device is the GreatCall Lively Mobile, which is priced at just $19.99 per month. This monthly fee includes a variety of features like GPS technology, access to registered nurses and certified doctors, and the smartphone Caregiver App that helps loved ones keep connected to family and friends.

This mobile device is waterproof and comes in a convenient one-piece system. It works both at home and away from home using a cellular connection. Plus, it’s very simple to use. If you need help, simply press the button on the device and you’ll be connected with an IAED Certified Response Agent. The agent will help you through any emergency situation and connect you with the appropriate party (family member, nurse, or 911).

MobileHelp Classic

MobileHelp is one of America’s leading providers of medical alert systems – this medical alert system serves clients in all 50 states. Starting at $19.95 per month, this simple-to-use in-home medical alert device will keep you safe, without any landline phone connection necessary. The device includes a help button for any emergencies, regular wellness checks, free spouse monitoring, and medication reminders so you’re always on top of your health and safety.

For an extra $10 per month, a fall detection button can be added. Falls are incredibly dangerous for seniors, and if you or a loved one is at risk for falling, the extra cost is well worth it. In a situation where the button cannot be pressed by the person who’s fallen, the MobileHelp fall button will automatically send an alarm for help.

LifeFone At Home Landline Medical Alert System

LifeFone is another leading provider in Medical alert system. LifeFone offers monthly plans, and those plans are often put on sale – for example, for a limited time, seniors can get two months free and try out LifeFone to see if it’s a medical alert system that works for their needs. This offer includes free activation, free shipping, and price lock guarantee (up to $140 in value).

Whether you’re testing out LifeFone during a trial offer or interested in signing up for good, the At-Home Landline Medical Alert system has plans starting as low as $24.95 per month. This simple device is specially designed to provide you or your loved one independence in your home. Once the wristband is activated, you’ll be connected to LifeFone’s 24/7 professional Emergency Care Agents who will connect you with emergency services or designated personnel.

LifeStation At Home Medical Alert

Right now, protect yourself or your loved one with a medical alert system from LifeStation. Right now, LifeStation is offering savings that allow you to sign up for a medical alert system for as low as $19.96 per month on the At-Home Medical Alert system. This price includes free shipping, free medical alert equipment, free emergency button, and a free wristband and necklace attachments that offers 24/7 monitoring from Certified Care Specialists.

There’s no need for a landline as the LifeStation system works using nothing more than a cellular connection. Plus, the help pendant never has to be charged, and the At Home Pendant is small, lightweight, and comfortable to wear.

Choose the Right Medical Alert System

Right now is the best time to invest in a medical alert system. When it comes to emergencies like slips and falls or an at-home injury, you don’t want to take the risk of waiting until it’s absolutely necessary. There’s no better time to take action to protect yourself or your loved ones – which is why you need to consider a medical alert system today.

A medical alert system is a valuable investment for any senior and will give family member peace of mind. Of course, every medical alert system offers different benefits, features, and services, which is why it’s important to spend time researching each medical alert system and comparing prices and features to find the best system the fits your needs.

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