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What Savings Accounts Are Offering the Best Signup Bonuses?

What has your savings account done for you? If you’ve had the same savings account for years, it likely hasn’t done much – aside from earn you a tiny bit of interest. But what most people don’t realize is that switching banks or opening a new savings account could earn you significantly more money thanks to signup bonus cash offers. 

That’s right: banks will give you cash if you open a new savings account. Opening a new account is how banks try to entice you to use their other financial products. And right now, plenty of banks are willing to offer you hundreds of dollars if you open a new account.

The following are the best signup bonuses you can score when you open a new savings account right now.

Capital One 360 Performance Savings Account

The Offer: Get a $25 bonus when you open a Capital One 360 Performance Savings account and maintain a balance of $250 to $9,999,99. Get a $1,00 bonus if you open the same savings account and maintain a balance of $10,000 or more.

The Capital One 360 Performance Savings Account will give you free money just for opening a new account – and the perks don’t stop there. You can earn either $25 or $1,00 depending on the balance you deposit within 10 days of opening your new savings account. And on top of that, your money will earn 1.70 percent APY, regardless of your balance.

Citibank Savings Account

The Offer: Earn a bonus of $400 for opening a new Citibank checking account and savings account. You’ll need to deposit at least $15,000 into your two accounts within 30 days and maintain that minimum balance for 60 days to qualify for the bonus.

If you’re interested in moving your money, Citibank is making it well worth your while to do so. Anyone who opens both a Citibank checking account and a savings account can get $400 for free. Want even more? If you open Citi Priority accounts – one checking and one savings – you could earn as much as $700. All you have to do is meet the bank’s minimum requirements to get paid.

Chase Savings Account

The Offer: Get $150 when you open a new Chase Savings account. You’ll need to deposit $10,000 or more within 20 days, then maintain that balance for 90 days. Get an additional $200 when you open a new Chase Total Checking account in addition to a savings account.

Chase Bank is offering a “choose what you earn” signup bonus for new customers. You can either earn $150 for opening a new savings account, or you can earn a total of $350 if you open both a savings account and a checking account. You’ll need to meet a few qualifying activities, like setting up direct deposit, but that’s a lot of money to encourage customers to switch banks and upgrade their savings accounts.

Discover Online Savings Account

The Offer: Get either a $150 or $200 bonus for opening a Discover Online savings account. Get the $150 bonus when making an initial deposit of $15,000. Get $200 bonus when making an initial deposit of $25,000

You can get either $150 or $200 for free if you open a new Discover Online Savings account. With a minimum deposit of either $15,000 or $25,000 you’ll meet the requirements to score this great signup bonus. All new Discover savings customers are eligible for this bonus offer, and you can take advantage whether you open your new account online or over the phone. Once your account is open, your savings will continue to grow with an interest rate of 1.80 percent – regardless of what your balance is.

Make More Money on Your Savings With These Signup Offers

Your money could help you make even more money. And who doesn’t want to boost their savings with a little extra cash? If you choose the right bank and the right savings account, you could earn a signup bonus – and you may even find a great interest rate too.

It’s important to note that banks change their signup bonus offers constantly. This means you should search online to see what’s being offered right now, and by banks in your area. You may find different, or possibly even better, bonus offers on savings accounts!

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