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What Can Dog Owners Learn From a Dog DNA Test?

Your dog is as much a member of your family as any human. You want to offer them love, proper care, and everything necessary to fulfill their needs. But if you have a rescue dog, it can be a little tricky to determine what, exactly, your dog is like. You might know their personality, but it’s almost impossible to understand much more. However, a dog DNA test could reveal all kinds of helpful information. Search online to discover dog DNA kits that can offer more insight into your pup.

With a dog DNA test, you could learn so much about your pet. You could discover what’s behind their quirks and their health, their habits and their demeanor. And you could better understand every aspect of your dog’s life. You can search online to find dog DNA tests that’ll give you valuable insight and information as a pet owner.

The following are some of the pieces of information you can learn through a dog DNA test.

Breed and Family History

One of the biggest mysteries for those who own rescue dogs is breed. It’s hard to tell exactly what kind of dog you have – most rescue dogs are mutts, or a mixture of a few different breeds. 

But a dog DNA test could solve this long standing mystery. Most dog DNA tests will be able to narrow down the breed, and there are even specialized tests that are specifically designed to identify dog breeds. You can discover exactly what breed or blend of breeds your pup is. And that information can help you better understand your dog’s behavior, size, and so much more. 

Potential Health Concerns

Certain dog breeds can carry predispositions for various illnesses, ailments, and health conditions. Some breeds have genetic mutations that put them at risk for certain conditions. Other dogs may be at risk for developing certain health issues over time. 

A dog DNA test will help you better understand your dog’s health. It can indicate if there’s a connection, higher risk, or mutation that may impact their health now and into the future. You’ll have more insight into which health issues you should keep an eye out for. 

Some dog DNA tests can also reveal food allergies and intolerances too. For example, some dogs may be more prone to suffer from chronic issues like ear infections and skin problems. Others may be living with allergies that bring on symptoms. With the results of the DNA test, you’ll be able to potentially discover health concerns you had no knowledge of before.

Your Dog’s Lifestyle and Needs

Like any good pet parent, you probably already have a good idea about what your dog needs day in and day out. But there might be items you’re missing simply because your dog can’t tell you what they need. Fortunately, a dog DNA test can reveal some of the most critical lifestyle factors for pet parents.

For example, a dog DNA test can reveal that your small puppy is part Siberian husky. That means you’ll need to provide a large outdoor space for your pup to keep him active and happy. Or, a DNA test might show that your rescue dog is an English bulldog. That’ll tell you that you can keep your pup in small spaces – like an apartment – without worry.

The results of a dog DNA test can help you better provide for your dog and adjust to their needs. And that can lead to a happier, more agreeable pup.

Testing Your Dog’s DNA is Affordable

Here’s another great perk of dog DNA testing: the tests themselves actually aren’t too expensive. In fact, compared to human DNA tests, they’re quite affordable. 

Dog DNA kits start at around $50. Some kits are more extensive than others and test for far more factors; these kits tend to be more expensive. So, if you want a more detailed kit, you may pay closer to $100.

Make sure to do your research before choosing a dog DNA kit. There are a lot of options available, and each one offers something a bit different. Some DNA kits will test for breeds only, while others will provide more comprehensive breakdowns and results. The following are a few of the DNA kits you can consider:

Compare different dog DNA test before buying. That way, you can ensure you’ll get the information and the results you need the most. With this added insight into your dog’s life and background, you can start providing an even better care experience for years to come.

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